Total Transportation Network - "Driving the efficiency for our customers"

Total Transportation Network - "Driving the efficiency for our customers"

Total Transportation Network - "Driving the efficiency for our customers"

Total Transportation Network - "Driving the efficiency for our customers"

Transportation Management

We have the knowledge and expertise to manage the most complex transportation transactions. We select the most appropriate and cost-effective shipping method to suit your situation. Whether it be one of our contracted LTL (less than truckload), TL (truckload), or intermodal carriers, we provide pricing based upon the shear volume of transactions we handle. This works out to cost savings for you!

Our transportation management services are specifically designed to support our clients' unique transportation requirements by providing best-in-class carrier sourcing and selection, flexible capacity, tracking and tracing, streamlined billing, payment and transaction reconciliation. And our team of transportation professionals standby ready to handle all freight claim needs from filing to follow-up to payment.

  • Normal and peak capacity requirements
  • Time-in-Transit needs
  • Cost limitations
  • Production schedules relating to delivery requirements
  • Flexibility of production or delivery requirements

Truckload Freight

As a non-asset-based provider of transportation and logistics services, we have access to over 10,000 carriers within the U.S.A. and Canada to move freight. We know your areas local carriers and the best rates in your area. Every day, we communicate with carriers to identify available equipment and their locations. Once you issue us the shipment, we worry about it so you don't have to. We dispatch the load and make sure carriers meet appointments. Carriers provide tracking information via satellite, the Internet, or phone while in transit. We pay carriers, handle issues, and resolve claims. The truckload department at TTN offers a variety of services including:
  • We handle all types of equipment (Van, Flatbed, Reefer, Intermodal, Heavy Haul and more).
  • Access to thousands of tractor/trailers to accommodate any capacity
  • Vendor management of thousands of over-the-road carriers
  • Complete 24 hour service for tracking and tracing
  • Cross-docking and warehousing throughout North America

Less Than Truckload

Distribution patterns are shifting to smaller, more frequent shipments. We utilize a large network of reliable regional and long haul LTL common carriers. Shippers can let us obtain rate quotes for you without having to negotiate rates with several LTL carriers. We will place the orders, create bills of lading, and track and trace your freight.

Intermodal Shipments

We offer Intermodal Movements Domestically within the United States and Internationally between the United States and Canada. We offer very competitive pricing on all full load movements.

Expedited & High-Value Shipments

White Glove expedited service is our specialty. We can provide Team services for your shipments and 24 hour a day tracking to provide you with the most up to date information. We also have an exclusive list of 100+ carriers who have the high value insurance you require for your loads.

Container Drayage Service

We offer direct transport of your import shipments. Our complete nationwide network offers you seamless service, reliability and flexibility that make containerized shipping easy and efficient.

Warehousing and Cold Storage

Warehousing Storage is one of our many specialties. We have access to facilities all over the country and will source the best warehouse for your needs in any city across North America. We will arrange for unloading of your trailers and store your product when you don't have room to do so.

Local Cartage

We can provide any related services such as loading, unloading, and short term warehousing. Untitled document